Parker Providence Presbyterian Church

Be Loved, Belong, Become, Be You!

A Comprehensive Culmination

Remember when you were in school and a week before finals several hands would shoot up in the classroom to ask an important question? “Is the final a comprehensive test?” the students would ask. What they wanted to know was whether they
would be tested over a culmination of all they had learned over the semester or just the last couple of week. We are not being tested this week, but an opportunity awaits us to experience this week, Holy week, is a comprehensive culmination of all that Jesus’ life stood for. From last Sunday’s Palm processional, to
Thursdays intimate communion service with our brother and sisters of Step 7, to the dramatic and inspiring realization of Christ’s wondrous love demonstrated on the cross at the Good Friday service, to the lily laden praise and worship of Easter morning, available to us this week is the height, breadth, and depth of God’s amazing love for us through Christ. So in the midst of our busy lives, God’s hand goes up this week and asks, “will you let me share with you and demonstrate a comprehensive culmination of my love?” My prayer is that your body, soul, mind, and spirit would make yourself available this
week to all that God wants to show you. What wondrous love is this that we wouldn’t dare to miss?

  • Pastor David