Parker Providence Presbyterian Church

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Nevertheless, keep watching! I will restore this [place] and heal the wounds of My people. I will lavish them with peace and stability.  Jeremiah 33:6 Voice Translation

On Wednesday, February 15th,  seven of our youth and adults attended an all-day Mental Health First Aid Training Seminar at the offices of Denver Presbytery.  It was an event led by former Census Counseling Executive Director Sue Geissler. Rev. Joelle Brummett, Heather Krause, Jarod Krause, Sadie Krause, Cindy and David Selzer, and Rev. David Van Deren from Providence joined several other Denver Presbytery members from churches in the greater Denver area to be trained as first responders to those who find themselves in a mental health crisis.  What are some of the types of crises first responders might be facing with youth and adults?  It varies.  It could be someone who is having a severe anxiety attack, or someone who is seriously depressed or contemplating taking their own life.  It could be someone who might be suffering from some kind of psychotic break.  These are just examples of situations the Mental Health First Aid Training Seminar taught Providence members and others to respond to with knowledge, tools and resources offered to them by Colorado Crisis Services.

Heather Krause, in a God At Work moment in Worship this past Sunday, said it was incredibly well run.  Susan was an excellent trainer who kept all of us engaged and gave us information we could remember and take home with us.

Providence decided to take a cohort to this training because it is one of the ways we are beginning to reach out and serve the needs of the greater Parker community.  Colorado, for several years has found itself in what the Denver Post in 2014 called a mental health breakdown.  The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention lists Colorado as the 6th in the nation for the number of those who die by suicide every year in America. And the following YouTube video by Douglas County School District was just featured in this month’s DCSD newsletter on the mental health issues many of our students face:  We as a church are recognizing we can be Christ’s healers to our community in a tangible and practical way by being educated and trained in Mental Health First Aid.

All of us at Providence continue to find ourselves on a new path as we seek to build a new campus and grow the Body of Christ in the Parker community.  This Mental Health First Aid Training is just one of the ways we are forging that new path.  If you feel called to join us at the next training we attend, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the pastoral staff at Providence.  We look forward to seeing how God will continue to work in powerful ways through our newfound connections with the greater Parker community.  We are grateful for God being at work through this training and in those who felt called to attend.