Providence Presbyterian is more than just a Sunday Service.
We are a tight-knit, growing community!

Adults are the cornerstone of our community

Providence is a very active church, not only on Sunday mornings, but outside of our regular services. We are a congregation that enjoys getting together in different ways and everyone is welcome to participate. Many different events take place throughout the year, weekly monthly and annually.

Current Events

Look for these events and join us!

  1. Bible Study
  2. Adult Education
  1. Book Club
  2. Bridge Club
  3. Women’s Circle
  4. Men’s Breakfast
  1. February: 5280 Club – Dining out with friends during Restaurant Week
  2. March/April: Lenten Dinners
  3. May: Rockies Baseball Game
  4. June: Team Zimbabwe – Elephant Rock Bicycle Ride
  5. September: Church in the Park and Picnic
  6. September: Women’s Retreat at Highlands Camp
  7. November: Veteran’s Day Service

Other Events

  1. Cultural Outings at the PACE Center and Denver Performing Arts Center

  2. Gardening with God (Spring/Summer): Maintaining a small garden plot in the Town of Parker