Mission Statement & Values

We take our mission here at Providence Presbyterian Church very seriously! If you are interested in the particulars from our leadership, our purpose, mission and values statements are below.

Purpose Statement

Providence Church exists to encourage, empower, enlighten, educate, and equip all God’s children to love God and each other.

Mission Statement

We are called by God as a fellowship of believers to live and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are open to the Holy Spirit through inspiring worship, music, education, discipleship and mission.

Vision Statement

Passionately, proficiently, and proactively, we are compelled by the Spirit to love God and each other through the next decade of our call by,

Encouraging the discouraged,
Empowering the powerless,
Enlightening our families and communities with Christ’s presence,
Educating children, youth, seekers, sinners, and saints with Good News, and
Equipping all to live heartily, give fully, and serve mightily,
Come Lord Jesus! May it be so!


  • A friendly place of belonging
  • Music that inspires
  • A sense of God’s presence
  • Children and Youth
  • Help in the midst of transitions
  • Compassionate care to the needy
  • Powerful, positive and transforming messages